• [02/Oct/2018]
    Meeting with ECER at KLCC
    Such a great honor to have a meeting with Datuk Seri Isaac; The CEO of ECER (East Coast Economy Region Development Council) and the team... more
  • [17/Sep/2018]
    Collaborate with State Government & Yayasan Angkasa on Foodtruck Program
    Such a great honor of collaboration with Perlis State government..... more
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Trucknet Machinery Trading Sdn. Bhd. (TNM)

TNM have 2 division which one is truck manufacturer, and another division is import and export of recycle truck parts for the Japanese and European truck brand such as Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Hino. 

Our owned truck brand named CAF, please visit to our website for further details .

TN Truck Sdn. Bhd. (TNT)

TNT is the 4S rebuilt truck center and mini truck/caravan center. It provide the top quality of European rebuilt truck and parts to customers. The truck brands included Scania, Volvo and Mercedes. The mini truck/caravan brands included Chana, Toyota and DFSK. The truck range included prime mover, cargo truck, road loader, tipper, food truck and etc… 

For further details please visit


Trucknet Properties Sdn. Bhd. (TNP)

TP is engaged in property development, property investment and holding. It is involved in the property development for lease or sale and property investment.

Trucknet Construction Sdn. Bhd. (TNC)

TNC is engaged in property construction, renovation and consultant. The company is more on green construction.

MAL Agro Sdn. Bhd. (MAA)

MAA is engaged in agriculture equipment supply, such as equipment for farming, fishing, plantation and etc...

MAL Tanah Sdn. Bhd. (MAT)

MAT is engaged in agricultural products.

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